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Blog / File Imaging and Upload Into Outside Services

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File Imaging and Upload Into Outside Services


Banking in today’s world revolves around passing documents of various types and purposes from one system to another. From payroll management to commercial and consumer loan booking, documents are an integral part of the industry. This poses a problem to banks of all shapes and sizes due to the need for specialized processes to handle these documents.

Many of these specialized processes are done manually by the bank’s staff members. This creates increased overhead on all banking products that require document processing.

Banks are beginning to realize, with the help of companies like Sandbox Banking, that manually processing documents and the headaches that come with it can become a thing of the past.

Sandbox Banking has broken this problem down into its core elements and come up with modern and robust solutions to the many problems that file movement can elicit.

Using our product, Glyue, you can design specific workflows that meet your business requirements. Working off of our prebuilt solution templates makes this a streamlined experience, as up to 80% of the work has already been completed. The last stretch becomes tailoring the integration to fit your business needs.

Glyue has the ability to integrate seamlessly via API as well as to integrate with SFTP/FTP servers. Glyue can also ensure that specific file types or file movement scenarios are each handled in specified workflows.

Users of our solutions in this space are members and directors of operations within the bank. They are the members of the banks that are manually processing the files that Sandbox Banking is being sent. They already have processes in place, but see the potential benefit of integrating automation into their workflow to increase the speed and precision of processing.

Customers of our solutions range from institutions that manage ~$26 billion in assets to less than $7 billion in assets and work in both the commercial and consumer banking sectors. Their customers are first-time home buyers, new families, new local businesses, and much more. Their customers rely on them to process their business in a timely and accurate manner. Our customers realize that increasing their bandwidth for more business by increasing the efficiency of the process will make them more competitive and allow them to offer their services to more customers.

By modernizing and automating current manual processes, Sandbox Banking is allowing our customers to reduce overhead, increase profit, eliminate human error, and reduce confusion around file processing. Glyue allows our customers to reduce processing times for these files which increases consumer convenience and satisfaction.

Leveraging Glyue as a solution to file movement business processes is a step forward towards any technical innovation initiatives that financial institutions are aiming for.