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Blog / Take Customer Success to the next level in Salesforce

Take Customer Success to the next level in Salesforce

Bank and Credit Union staff don’t like using clunky UI when they need to perform basic servicing functions like looking up a customer’s transaction history or updating a customer’s address. It’s particularly annoying if you’re asking them to bounce back and forth between Salesforce and yet another core processing application window and having to manually copy and paste or key in these pieces of data. How do you ensure the data that you manually move over is 100% accurate?

Introducing Sandbox Banking’s Customer 360 Refresh & Update module(s).

The Customer 360 Refresh module connects Salesforce to your core banking system or internal data warehouse using:

  1. Adapters for your core banking system
  2. Adapter for Salesforce
  3. Customer360 Banking Solution API.

The first step is to understand where we want our data to go between our core system and Salesforce. If you’re not too sure, we can help you figure that out as we’ve worked with every core system provider in the space  .

Next we load our core system adapter, Salesforce adapter, and our API Template into our integration builder Glyue (pronounced ɡlo͞o).

Voila, we’re all set up with connectivity from your core system to Salesforce! Now your team or our Solution Delivery Engineers can configure the specific mappings between your Salesforce data model and your core banking system’s data model, business logic, and even Salesforce error messages all within Glyue.

Now we need to connect Salesforce to Glyue. Sandbox Banking’s Solution Delivery Engineers can build this out or we can work with our customer’s Salesforce Admins. We offer a variety of service models that our customers can choose from depending on how many resources they want to deploy from their own team.

Finally, we need to create Salesforce Apex triggers that initiate communication from Salesforce to the core banking system via Glyue. Just like establishing connectivity, this is something we can do or partner with customers to accomplish.

Our banking customers use this to retrieve their customer/member balance and transaction information as well as associated accounts. This could then be used for authentication purposes and/or to pinpoint customer support opportunities. When used in conjunction with digital origination platforms, it becomes a way for staff to quickly pinpoint opportunities or increase rapport with a customer.

In addition to serving our customer’s data needs, we also carefully design our processes into specific work streams not because it’s technically difficult but to ensure everyone understands the risk and compliance implications. We also work with our customers' Salesforce admins to ensure the UX delivers a seamless data experience to bankers or call center staff. Last but not least we work with our customers' IT and Risk teams within Glyue to configure the appropriate logging and reporting required for compliance and audit purposes.

This is just a little taste of what you can do with our platform. Once you’ve got this in place, the same functionality can also power non-human involved interactions that we also have integrations for. Think chatbot or enhanced IVR, or a dynamic pricing engine producing offers for an existing customer mid-application.

Contact us to learn more.