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Blog / New Glyue Release! (v4.0.2.9)

New Glyue Release! (v4.0.2.9)


Glyue release v4.0.2.9 is now available!  This version contains 43 enhancements that are individually summarized in our public Glyue Release Notes.

New major features include:

  • Run History Automatic Refresh.  Tired of mashing your browser refresh button on the run history page while integrations execute?  Good news the page's data is now automatically updated so no user activity is necessary!
  • AI-Powered Code Generation.  The integration builder can now autogenerate Python code using an OpenAI GPT-3 model (specifically "text-davinci-003").  We'll broadcast additional information and documentation in coming weeks, but Glyue users can start playing with the functionality by clicking the brain (🧠) icon within any code editor panes.
  • Web Service Endpoint SOAP/XML/HTML Support.  Integration web services can now directly accept or return SOAP-specific XML, generic XML, or HTML.  This improvement greatly expands the number of client applications that can easily consume API or UI functionality built with Glyue.
  • Three New Adapters.  Integration builders can now easily connect to the following systems:
  • Editor Panel Docking.  Builder code and text editing no longer occurs within popup dialogs by default!  Like most IDE or debugger applications, Glyue's builder now opens such content in docked side-panel or bottom-panel editor buffers.  The resulting UI facilitates simultaneous editing/browsing of content for multiple fields, thereby making the user's experience significantly more efficient/convenient!

Customer DEV and TEST environments will be updated to v4.0.2.9 this week (February 7th-10th).  Customer PROD environments will be updated after business hours next week (February 15th-17th).

Shipping Glyue improvements is a team endeavor!  Sandbox Banking is hugely thankful for the efforts of the following individuals and groups:

Glyue v4.0.2.9 - Text-2